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Water System
The Bore well ground water is the source of raw water for the plant. The plant facility has 3 different water systems (schematic drawings are Enclosed).
1) Raw Water:
Raw water of the company is supplied by own bore well which is filtered through sand and activated
carbon filter.
2) Purified Water:
This water is prepared using Reverse Osmosis plant followed by U.V and mixbed unit. The output stored in
purified water storage tank of 1000 lit. Capacity made of S.S. 316 & connected with water circulation
loops. The loops are made up of S.S. 316 material having facilities for validation. The Purified water
is stored and continuously circulated at ambient Temp, to the point of use.This water further process with Hillicon ultra filteration system(millipore).
3) Water for Injections:
Water for injection is produced by multi column distillation, and stored in jacketed S.S.316
storage vessel and is pumped into the circulation loop. The W.F.I. is maintained at above 80 °C. An  electrical heating System is also provided in cases when steam supply for heating is disrupted.Temperature is monitored through tailer chart and PT-100.
4) Pure steam generator:
Pure steam is produced by pure steam generator (P.S.G) installed separately

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