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Description of premises:
The facility is equipped with latest and high-speed machinery for manufacturing of ampoules. It has a unidirectional flow of materials and separate quarantine areas for each stage of manufacturing providing complete segregation and security of materials at each stage. The people movement and material movement are also totally segregated. The door interlocking is provided at all the critical places to avoid aerial contaminations. All the surfaces of walls, ceilings and floor are of hard and impervious materials. The critical manufacturing areas are treated with epoxy resin material leading to total crevices free environment. The change rooms for workmen and supervisory staff are specious and well ventilated with fresh filtered air. All the utility services are provided from the mezzanine floor avoiding any contamination and interference by the maintenance activities. Manufacturing and packaging activities are totally segregated from material and people movement point of view.

Nature of construction:
The manufacturing facilities are of adequate size and designed to meet unidirectional flow of material and segregated movement of people working in production, packaging & maintenance. All   manufacturing, packaging, storage & holding areas are maintained in a clean and orderly fashion to minimize the possibility of error.Walls, floors and ceiling of facility are constructed of hard non porous non- shedding material using best quality of cement and concrete. These surfaces are able to withstand   repeated hot water and detergent cleaning operations. All the surfaces are free from any holes or cracks. All surfaces of walls are flat and do not have any projecting features. All surfaces are finished with smooth non-peeling paints. Falls ceiling are covered over the Manufacturing and Packing area.
The floors of sterile processing area specially treated with epoxy resin  material to make it totally  joint fee, hard and impervious. The entire facility provides special drain points, which avoid back flow of water.

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